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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  October 13, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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bond every good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it's an event that promises to bond everyone in the bay area. the giants play game one of the national league championship
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series tomorrow and that could bring a big league economic boost to local businesses. cbs 5 reporter don knapp with how neighborhood hangouts are preparing for the massive rush of fans. >> reporter: there's money to be made not only all over san francisco butter especially in this corner of san francisco where folks are naturally hoping the giants go all the way. especially the people who have businesses who sell to fans. red white and blue championship game bunting was going up while they held separate practice sessions on the field. business was great and the dugouts sports store with fans snapping up gear. kip just had to have another giants shirt. >> i bought another shirt because they won because i need something new to wear tomorrow to cheer them on. >> reporter: she was a ballpark regular and know what is the championship games mean for the neighborhood. >> it's good for pedro's and
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pete's. all along the corridor here and probably public house because it gets really crowded when the giants are playing and they can't afford tickets. >> reporter: good too for the popular paragon bar just a block away. >> it was chaos for most of the time but it was fun you know. lots of people excited and everyone you know piling out on to the streets. >> reporter: now paragon's gearing up for a repeat and trying the make room for as many as they can fit in. >> people have been calling all they. that's what we're kind of doing a little bit differently this time. we're all all walk-in basis, so first come, first serve for the tables, we've opened up two additional rooms. we have a room in the back. >> reporter: locals have seen businesses gearing up in just the past couple of days. >> i mean i've seen a lot of people go up and down second street which is where i work. and they are out there. they are behind the giants. >> reporter: and you're buying giants gear? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: bob says it feels good all around town having another giants' championship
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playoff about to get underway. >> doing great things for san francisco. you can see kind of just in the store here and just out and about. and for these guys to do what they did in cincinnati and bring it home. they have hopefully a good seven game -- seven games ahead of them and hopefully not seven. >> reporter: businesses may be disappointed if the giants wrap it up quickly but certainly not the fans. ann? >> thanks so much. and here's a look at the giants' schedule against the st. louis cardinals. in the best of seven series. as you heard the giants have home field advantage. the first game is tomorrow at at&t park at 5:00. game two also at 5:00 on monday. and then it's off to st. louis for three games and if needed back to san francisco for the last two. this afternoon crews began clearing out a san francisco cafe destroyed by a four alarm fire. flames gutted the squat and gobble cafe on portal avenue before dawn yesterday morning. the fire eventually caused the restaurant's roof to cave in. two firefighters suffered minor
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injuries. a former tenant told cbs 5 the building was unshould have while he was there. >> that is an old building even in the '80s that was an old building already. the place was falling apart in the back already: talking about 1980. >> three neighboring businesses were also damaged and it took firefighters more than ten hours the completely douse all the hot spots. investigators say the fire doesn't appear to be suspicious but the cause is still not known. car burglaries in san mateo county prompted the sheriff's office to issue a warning to residents and visitors. police say they have been hot spots for robberies. thieves are taking ipods, laptops and wallets left in unattended cars. police don't believe the thefts are related. but they encourage residents to not leave valuables in their cars and to be alert for suspicious activity. in campaign 2012 local republicans and democrats resorted to an old-fashioned
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campaign strategy today in berkeley. to talk about an array of measures on the california ballot. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us why both parties are going for the door to door approach. >> reporter: the rest of it from propositions to the president not so much. that's why the california democratic party set up a day of action today going door to door to educate voters on the issues. >> when you go out there they say oh this is important. i should know the issues and i really think it's effective. >> reporter: it's a strategy the republicans are employing too. >> it's what's really a combination of getting stuff in the mails seeing what's on tv and them that direct contact that brings the deal home. >> reporter: with such a wide array of decisions to be made we spoke with people out the street. >> there's a lot more investigating to do. >> still reading on some of the
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propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it's actually really rude. and bad when people are trying to sway. it's just a really personal opinion and i think everyone's entitled to that. >> i feel like i'm intelligent enough and that i can make up my own mind. >> reporter: still, door to door campaigning won't end anytime soon. >> in the final analysis it does improve turnout. and so for now, we're stuck with this system. we'll see what the future holds. >> reporter: in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> today both candidates were busy trying to rally voters in key battleground states. president obama arrived in williams burke, virginia to begin preparing for the second debate this tuesday. the president argues his decision to bail out the auto industry saved jobs, but in ohio republican candidate mitt romney criticized the white house for not holding china accountable for unfair trade practices that cost americans jobs. >> i want to make sure that
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when people cheat, well, they don't follow the rules in trade, we finally hold them accountable, it's time for us to stand up to china for their cheating it's got to stop. >> i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way. >> mitt romney also plans to spend tomorrow preparing to square off with president obama on tuesday night. and you can watch that highly anticipated debate right here on cbs 5. coverage from hofstra university begins at 6:00. the second of three presidential debates will be conducted in a town hall format allowing people to ask questions about foreign and domestic policy. actor and former television host gary collins has died. he was taken to the hospital in mississippi late last night where doctors say he died of natural causes. collins appeared in several movies during the '60s and '70s and during the '80s he mosted the miss america pageant and was host of "our magazine." in recent years he had gotten
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into some trouble including a dui leaving the scene of the traffic accident and skipping out on a restaurant bill. he was 74. well, it happened in vegas. and they were forced to stay there. two bay area law students busted. what they're accused of doing to an exotic animal at a famous cast -- casino. >> that's wonderful. >> and creeping ever so slowly along the streets of los angeles. watch as shuttle endeavour barely squeezed by buildings and poles. the unexpected maneuver it had to make to get by. >> that was a spectacular scene and we had spectacular conditions. good evening everybody. from the clouds to the cool skies yesterday to warmer weather today. and now, the days that will top off in the 90s? as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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spectators in l-a. endeavour is squ well, the space shuttle show continues to wow thousands of spectators if los angeles, endeavour is squeezing past building with just inches to spare. it's now four hours behind schedule and its slow trek to the california science center.
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cbs reporter louisa hodge shows us the intricate maneuvering. >> like a kid in a candy store. i want to see it going down the middle of the city street in los angeles. >> reporter: as soon as the shuttle endeavour appeared along neighborhood streets, the excitement erupted. >> really awesome and it's kind of like ohmy god. >> right there. >> where? >> the wing so close that authorities are actually pushing back onlookers who are trying to reach up and touch it. >> reporter: crews lifted branches to avoid the wing's touch and you can see balconies filled with people reaching out. but while the closeness may be thrilling for these onlookers, it also presented challenges. the shuttle's wing got stuck behind this tree at 83rd street and needed to do a reverse maneuver to go around it. minutes before the shuttle's arrival, street signs were moved. trees were clipped and power lines repositioned.
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but with inches to spare, the shuttle managed to squeeze on by. >> oh that's wonderful. it just missed the pole by an inch. >> i was not prepared on how big it actually is going to be. it really is blowing me away. >> it is absolutely out of this world. >> reporter: but this is last out of this world story this shuttle will ever tell. >> that was louisa hodge reporting. a warning about people making calls door to door. the questions police say not to answer and why. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, i'm roberta gonzales, taking a look at the days that will pop into 90s 90s as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an exotic bird at a famous s vegas casino. police say these two uc berkeley law students have been arrested accused of killing on pattic bird at a famous -- exotic bird at a famous las vegas casino. the two 24-year-olds decapitated him in the wildlife habitat at the hotel casino. witnesses say they saw the men laughing and tossing the bird's body around. now this is a picture of what a helmeted guinea fowl looks like. the video captured the men chasing the bird into the trees. don't listen to anyone going door to door asking about home alarm systems. that's the warning from oakland police. they say those people could be casing homes for burglaries.
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someone complained about a man wearing an official looking orange vest that read oakland public safety. he asked how up-to-date their alarm system was, whether it was monitored and if it was tooked up to a -- hooked up to a cell phone or landline. they are not aware of any city sponsored program making this sort of questioning and residents shouldn't answer questions. daredevil felix baumgartner is attempting to become the first daredevil to break the sound bearier. the weather forecast looks favorable for the jump tomorrow near roswell. new mexico at sunrise. he will ride a 55 story helium balloon to the edge of space, and then jump from 23 miles high. he expects to break the sound barrier before he activates his parachute at about 5,000 feet above the new mexico desert. hopefully the weather will cooperate for him and if you like warm weather than we've got the forecast for you. it's heating up again. >> and we had a jump today.
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we jumped a food ten degrees in comparison to yesterday when we had plenty of cloud cover and cool conditions and even isolated showers. hi everybody. let's take a look at today's high temperatures across the bay area from the low 60s in pacifica through the beaches. 78 degrees in san francisco. that's spot-on for this time of the year. low 70s in san jose down from the average high of 77. and we were in the mid 70s in santa rosa average high about four degrees off the mark. 76 in livermore. this is the scene on your saturday evening. and the city by the way. where currently it is 62 degrees. temps still into the 60s and 70s pretty much across the board tonight we'll bottom out into the 40s and 50s and we will see the sky become partly cloudy with some areas of low clouds drifting on shore from a vigorous west wind 10 to 20. area of low pressure to the north of us banging up against the pacific northwest but jet stream arcing wall to the north under the influence of high pressure that's actually expanding.
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it will warm us up even additionally tomorrow. what does that mean for kickoff? we have our san francisco 49ers playing host to the champion new york giants. partly sunny, 66 degrees at game time at 1:25. meanwhile, your afternoon highs in the 60s approaching 70 degrees. that's the pumpkin festival and half-moon bay. low 70s common across the peninsula. 80 degrees in santa clara. 84 degrees. mid 70s will be common around walnut creek back in through clayton into hercules. 78 to the north. but napa warmer than that and sonoma where today we had 78. 79 there tomorrow and low 70s 234 san francisco. north winds 10 to 20 date in the lay. otherwise -- late in the day. then also the difference on tuesday, notice your coastal areas even by thursday up to 75 in pacifica. low 80s across the bay to 94 inland. but our air quality will take a hit with moderate levels of
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ozone in the atmosphere but let's back up a bit. we do have some baseball tomorrow with bumgarner on the mound for the good guys. 5:00 the game starts. sunny skies and 64 degrees as the giants play host to the defending champs, the st. louis cardinals and kim coyle has a look at the sports. thanks, the giants and cardinals are set for game one of the nlcs. and stanford's overtime fate came down to a goal line stand. sports is next.
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wasn't enough to guarantee s tim lincecum may have been one of the heros in cincinnati but it wasn't enough to guarantee his spot back in the rotation. bruce bochy said he will be available out of the bullpen for games one and two of the nlcs. so who are your starters for the first two games? tomorrow madison bumgarner will shake off the loss in game two against the reds and ryan vogelsong gets the nod for game two. he gave up a run and three hits in game three. >> really, if you look at the -- the game we had and the game they had, they were similar. we were up 6-0 barely hung on. and they found a way to get it done. and you know, both clubs at some point had their backs to the wall. and they're down a couple of runs in the 9th. they found a way to get it done so i think it says about a lot about the two clubs, the character of the clubs and how hard they fight and it should
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be a hard fought series here. and there's the ball hit off the glove of -- desmond! two runs are going to score. the cardinals will tie it up. >> one of last night's hee rhees daniel descalso drove in the game tying run for the cardinals. they will be ahem combing for him who was born in redwood city and graduated from st. francis. in the untiles the he had two home runs and six rbi. >> when i got to hit the tie it. you know i was -- i was on first base you know all fired up. but i looked in the dugout and the guys were going crazy and that fired me up even more out there. when pete got the big knock to put us ahead. it was chaos in there. that was an awesome feeling. >> he's somebody that has -- that has the respect of our entire clubhouse. a group of guys who've had a lot of accomplishments really understand and appreciate the style of baseball player that daniel descalso is. and i think he's showing the world what he has and he's just
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a ballplayer. andrew luck is gone but certainly not forgotten down at stanford. without herman cain the offense -- him the offense has yet to score a touchdown on the road this season. second quarter in south bend, stanford down 3-0. the irish backed up in their own zone and ben gardner all over golson causes the fumble. chase thomas falls on it for a stanford touchdown. cardinal up 10-3 at the half. second half on third and 18. notre dame strikes. golson from 24 yards out to tyler to tie the game at 10. in overtime, notre dame gets on the board first. the backup qb tommy reese finds tj jones. city on the taylor is stuffed by the defense. and then on fourth down they try it again. but unfortunately, same result. the officials would review the play on the second effort but the call on the field would stand. they lose 20-13. and the stanford offense is
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held to under 300 yards and no touchdowns. san jose state riding its longest winning streak in 22 years hosting utah state. not a good home combing for the spartans' defense. second quarter the aggies second touchdown of the day. spartans down 28-3. from there san jose state put up 17 unanswered points. david fails to noel griggs by. 28-20 at the half. but the aggies were too much in the second half. spartans defense gave up over 500 yards on the day. 28 yards and san jose state falls to 4-2 and loses 49-27. where were you the last time the raiders won in the eastern time zone? tom cable was the head coach, and the kid from burg lived out -- pittsburgh lived out his childhood dream. >> it's like a game in your
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backyard. flag football game. a pickup game. you just got to play. >> it's unbelievable. it's special. it's special. >> it certainly was special. the great man stunned the steelers back in 2009. since then the raiders have lost six straight in the eastern time zone. tomorrow they'll look to hand the falcons their first loss of the season. >> we're a pretty confident bunch. no matter what's going on. you know, we know what we're capable of doing. and it's just a matter of piecing everything together and i believe it's going to snowball for us, get one, two, three, four, five, six wins in a row but it starts with the first one. so you know we really need to get one going so we can get to stacking them. >> and you can see the raiders and falcons right here on cbs 5 and stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter with dennis o'donnell and jeremy new berry. a new update on kelly who was hit during bp. he is doing well and better and is going to be released from
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the hospital. all right, well coming up later tonight on eyewitness news. a cbs 5 reporter goes over the edge. >> i've never done this before. ooh. >> oh juliette. why a very nervous juliette goodrich pa realed down -- rappeled down a tall hotel in vegas. that's that and more at 11:00 right here on cbs 5. she's okay. that's it for us, we'll see you at 11:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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an all new "eye on the bay" starts now in hd. we're traveling 100 miles down spectacular highway 1. from caramel


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